New release anytime soon? Teaching my 13 year old the 7/4 drum pattern from Nocturnal. I think it is a good bridge between killer playing and more modern programming. Hope all is well for you and your family and thanks again for bringing pleasure to these cold Alaskan nights.

Hi Chris

I'm working in a new type of resonating acoustic guitar which will be great for eastern style music. I'm trying to find out more about Vietnamese guitars. I'd like to pick your brains about them if you could spare the time please.

Hi Chris,
I’ve been wanting to send you a thank-you message for many weeks now in response to your very kind critique of my tune “Rush Hour".
(I was sick for a few weeks back… and I’m only now getting back to the world)

My wife Hilary evidently sent to you a link to my SoundCloud page to check it out (without me knowing - surprise!).
But I must say, that really did make my day to read those comments from you.
Both Hilary and I have only the highest regards for you in terms of your music, guitar playing, and creativity.

I’m not not kidding that “Nocturnal" is one of my favorite fusion albums of all time.
It is so complete and fulfilling to listen to from the beginning to the end, which is something
that does not happen for me very often, even with many of my other favorite jazz and fusion players.
I could go on and on with the praises… I'll just sum it up that what you do is very inspiring!

So again, it was very kind of you to take the time to listen to Rush Hour, and reply back to Hilary.

I wonder if you remember me from the SoundClick days?
I quit SoundClick awhile back (as you did). Never the less that was when I first learned about you.
We did communicate a few times back then as I recall.

Is there anything special you are planing for the future?
Another great album, or perhaps a tour with a group?
I did read on your “news" page you are working on a follow up to Nocturnal
with Steve Tavaglione, but that was dated back almost a couple years.
I look forward to whatever you produce in the future, as I know it will be
a real treat to my ears!

Best Regards, Audric Jankauskas

"Nocturnal": Beautiful, inspirational music - impressive work! Also, beautifully played - and never overplayed. Got me hooked.

Hi Chris, I hope this gets to you
I am in Vancouver Canada and just want to say you are an amazing musician.
I have been influenced by your ablity to use multi instruments
and use the guitar in a "non-traditional" fashion.
Film scoring experience and ambient sounds really open up a myriad of new spaces.
I've only heard your work on Nocturnal but hope to hear more
Cheers and thanks

Dear Chris,
Love to hear you´re planning a European Tour (Netherlands or Germany)...
make me happy! Love to hear from you...
When is the NOCTURAL follow up ?
greetings and peace,

Hi Chris - I wondered if there was any news regarding your follow up from Nocturnal?

I really enjoyed that disc and have always enjoyed Steve Tavaglione.



Just finished listening to your CD...WOW WOW WOW... any chance you will be doing any teaching DVDs or books. Your approach is So unique. Thanks Paul

Hi Chris. Just saw your post about buying Nguyen Thien Thuat St. I was there myself a couple of months ago, and didn't find any decent OMs. (Did buy a nice guitar though, but that's another story). Can you tell me where you got your octave mando?

I'm already looking forward to the follow up to Nocturnal - an awesome album!

Vietnam blog: did you see many acoustic bass? If so how does it work bringing an instrument home?

Your CD Nocturnal is breathtaking! Thank you. Regards from The Netherlands

Thank You Andre!


Hey Chris,

I met you with Scott Lerner at NAMM a few years ago. You gave me your ep and I recently put it on in the car. Killer work man! All my best to you, James

Dear Chris, i am into jazz for about 35 years, and i have a large cd collection. Recently i bought your cd, and it's the best i have ever heard. It is staggering beautiful, i just keep listening to it. Thank you so much for your music!!!

Kind regards,
André Hannink (the Netherlands)

Andre Thank you so much for such a powerful compliment, I humbled by it.....


Hey Chris, Somehow I lost your email address... I finally listened to your record a while back. I really enjoyed it. Just wanted to let you know. Best, DB

I picked up Nocturnal and I'm really knocked out with it!! I hope you put out more like this; I'll buy them all.
My wife and I will be in New York from Mar 12 to Mar 18 - can we hear you playing anywhere?

Hi Chris,

really like your playing man! please post more clips on utube ;)

GOD bless you and your family.

Thanks Jonathan,

More videos coming soon and possibly an instructional book this year on my approach to legato technique, if I can generate enough interest.



I was reading your blog last nov or dec.. and had a reply i guess from someone which replied to..your trip but which i can't find now.....someeone that was in vietnam.. i can/rt remember his name... ne way I wrote to him and he was into making fret boards.. and sent him a e mail which i cant find now as it seems a wholw bunch of then have vanished,,

do you remember his name or reply?

ne help will be appreciated.
i am going there in march to look for pearl inlay or abalone shell inlay on fret boards.


Earl, sent you an email-c

by the way ...i REMEMBER that strat's cool that you still have it and are putting it to such good use...hope to get a chance to see you play out this year behind this incredible album ...continued success to you ...Greg Lane ( yes THAT one )

Greg! Good hearing from you dude. Sent you an email.


nocturnal is awesome . i am blown away . congratulations chris . i am going to ask a question that was asked already on this forum ...are you taking students or doing any teaching at all?

chris, not to beat adead horse but NOCTURNAL is great. been listenin to it and relistenin, very inspiring! A thought that you might utilize as far as exposure might be to play some of the festivals in the Hudson Valley, one in particular is The Big Up in Ghent NY near where I live. These fests offer exposure to avid fans as well as clubs to suplement xposure. You have put a lot of effort into NOCTURNAL it would b e nice to see you out in the world. Think IRON HORSE.
Holdsworth is playing there in march, but there is Helsinki in Hudson NY as well and Infinity Hall in Conn as well aas sVandyke in Schenectady. Anyway just some ideas. Oh yeah is there an pedal steel on that stuff or just resampling from audio library, either way sounds like pedal steel.. nice!

Hey John,

Thank you! I plan to be out playing the music from Nocturnal in 2012 and will definitely investigate the festivals and places you mentioned!

The pedal steel sounds you are hearing (particularly on the title track) are my 66 telecaster with a volume pedal and slide. The only samples on the disc are vocals and percussion to the best of my recollection.

Thanks again


Hello Chris,
My name is Csongor.I'm living in Hungary.
I'm brother of Art 'Spike' Schloemer.
I congratulations also your new CD.the sound is very cool.

Best regards

Thanks Csonger!


Hi Chris,
My name is Ebbert and I found your CD in a bargin big in a used CD resale store here in Nashville, TN. First off, the CD is very awesome! I enjoy listening to it very much! When I bought it in the bargin bin, the cd did not have a jacket in it. I would very much like to know which musician played on what. Please email me which musician played on what tunes.

I look forward to another great album from you, especially is you use Gary Novak!!

take care...peace,
Ebb (Ebbert Gepner II)

Hello Chris,

I’m getting ready to cast my Grammy votes, and would like to give NOCTURNAL Chris Taylor my consideration.

Would you be so kind and send me a copy ASAP.

Deadline is November 2, 2011.

Thank you for your attention to my request.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services
269 S Route 94 Warwick, NY 10990
T: 845-986-1677 / F: 845-986-1699
Web Site:


Glad I checked you out. Glad you were mentioned in Guitar Player; you deserved it! It's nice to hear something uncommonly original and fresh. Thank you and may you reach a lot of ears. - L.N.

Hey Larry, Thanks you for taking the time to comment and for the support. Much appreciated!


Thank you for such a wonderful alblum. I will be putting your music on the ipod for inspiration during these cold Alaska winters. Best of luck. Jim

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the comment and support. Alaska winter...yikes that sounds cold!



do you do lessons?

Sent you an email.


Thanks so much.
Tav shared your CD with me sitting in his car the other night behind The Baked Potato...nice stuff...very nice.

Tom Meek
About & Out

Hey Tom,

Tav told me there was a listening party in the Baked Potato parking lot....Hoping to get out there and play with those guys at some point.


Featuring you on our international radio program tonight at or at 11:20 EDT

Visit our site and keep up the great work
Tom Gagliardi

John Scofield - Blue Matter
Wayne Krantz - Long to be Loose
Any McLaughlin, Beck, Metheny, Tribal Tech........
Nocturnal is in my top 5 ever!
Thank you for this astonishing music.

Thank you for the compliment!


Hi Chris – I’m not a musician myself, so my impressions are as a listener. Nocturnal is an expedition into the creative consciousness; the layers unfold to reveal a new mystery on every listen. Samples/effects are evocative (never gimmicky or gratuitous) and create a sense of moving through time/space. The production quality is superb, your lines are amazing, the musicians you chose to work with have complemented the vision with virtuosity – a true work of art!

It’s real good.


Thanks so much Hilary, I appreciate you taking the time to write such positive things.


just recieved my copy today,what can i say i just love it, so much going on love your guitar playing,the thing which stands out for me thought is your compositons and the drumming, outstanding thanks from a fusioneer from across the water in the uk.

Thank you Ian, much appreciated!


Just received my copy of "Nocturnal". Fabulous compositions and playing. Thanks for the wonderful music!


Thank you Chris!


Hello Chris,
just ordered your CD "Nocturnal", sampler sounds very promising.
Can’t wait to hear it all!

The Netherlands

thank you!


Hi Chris, I just got word of your solo release from Abstractlogix this morning and was wondering like the other guys on your "Guestbook" if I could buy an autographed cd from you as well (assuming you're selling cd's). I'm in western Canada so I'm not sure if that would create more hassles for you though.

Either way, the samples on your site sound REALLY great, and I will be buying it.
Take care 'n stuff, Alex.

Thanks alex, sent you an email.


Hi Chris,
Nocturnal -- it sounds like it will be a great CD. Is there any way I could order an autographed CD from you?
Seattle, WA

sent you an email


"Nocturnal" is really cool! It has been fun listening to it on your website and abstractlogix - Without a doubt I will be buying this CD when it comes out. The waiting for ithe CD is the hard thing for me. Like you and many other I still like to buy CDs / albums and listen from start to finish so your Cd will be awesome! Any possible way to get you to autograph the CD since I am from the midwest??(WI) Sure hope so and please keep me on your email list for updates.

sent you an email re: the above


I love everything I'm hearing in the Nocturnal samples. I'm also an album oriented listener - I like hearing the pieces in context as opposed to being a "song fan". Please let me know when the CD is available.


Thank you! Will keep you informed!


from gear page. absolute stellar. I want it,



Hi Chris,

Congrats on AL label and getting this done!

Forward motion.....


Thanks Chuck,

I still hope we get to work together at some point.


Very original and lovely sound. Please email us when the CD is available.. I am very impressed by your accomplishments and wish you a great deal of further succcess.


Sampler sounds great - anxious for your new release!

THIS is a test of the Emergency Original Music Network.

PLEASE do NOT adjust your music.

I'm glad your music project is progressing to what it is now.
Sounds great! In every respect....composition, mix, mastering,
your guitar sound, and everyone's musicianship is awesome.
I'm very much looking forward to getting and listening to "Nocturnal"
as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks Audric!


Hey Chris
How can I purchase your CD.I checked Abstract Logix,but no luck.........

Hey Ed,
It will not be out til 2011, it is done it just has to wait in line.