02.01.13Starting on follow up to Nocturnal

I am underway writing for the follow up to Nocturnal, working this time with Steve Tavaglione as a co-composer conspirator. I think this will be a very interesting disc if I can achieve what I am hearing......stay tuned!


12.01.12Chris Buck's 3 crows released

I did quite a bit of work on this disc, composing, re-mixing and playing guitar and keys. Very cool release featuring Virgil Donatti, Brett Garsed, Marco Minnemann, George Whitty and others. Check it out!

01.23.12Lesson on horn phrasing in January 2012 Guitar Player Magazine

Check out the Lesson on horn phrasing for guitar that I wrote for Guitar Player Magazine January, 2012 edition. I have been thinking about writing a book in this topic and would be interested to hear what folks think.

11.03.11Blog on Vietnam Guitar Shops I wrote for Guitar Player magazine's website

I was in Vietnam last year and while in the capitol visited "Luthier Street" Photos by my talented wife Carolyn.

10.01.11Article in the November Issue of Guitar Player Magazine

There is a short article about me in the Nov 2011 Guitar Player magazine, which is out now. Thanks to Barry Cleveland for hooking it up!


03.15.11Release date on "Nocturnal"

Abstract Logix Label Release. Shipping Worldwide FREE on April 15. Official Street Date: May 20th.

09.02.10Solo debut "Nocturnal"

I have just finished recording & mxing my solo debut. The album tentatively titled "Nocturnal" is comprised of 10 of my compositions that feature a talented and eclectic group of musicians along with what I would like to think is my own approach to guitar playing and production. The disc will be on the the Abstract Logix Label and is slated for a 2011 release. I am amped to be with Abstract Logix!


I have always been an album orientated listener, I tend to forgo playlists and things like random shuffle on ipod's all together. I am drawn to artists that create narratives with their music, records that play from first track to the last with a continuing purpose and overall vibe. That is what I was going for with "Nocturnal" trying to take those listening on a ride. There is plenty of diversity on this record, but I believe I have been able to create a continuity and flow to the music that hopefully captivates the listener. I am honored to have each of the musicians on this disc involved with the project. I was consistently humbled by their creativity, dedication and generosity.
Y'all are motherfuckers


Steve Tavaglione (sax, woodwinds, ewi)
Ric Fierabracci, Kevin Freeby, Gary Haase (bass)
George Whitty, Scott Kinsey, John Findlay (keyboards)
Gary Novak, Dave Weckl, Kirk Covington, Joel Rosenblatt, Tracy Kroll (drums)
John Czajkowski (barritone guitar)
Francesca Russo (Voice)
Chris Taylor (guitars, keyboards and programming)
Mixed by Chris Taylor & George Whitty
Mastered by George Whitty
Produced by Chris Taylor